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Real Estate Price Index ® (Per Sq. Ft) REPI
September 2013
The Real Estate Price Index (REPIUS), a forward-looking indicator based on Home Price Values per Sq. Ft., in September, rised $2 to level $144.00 per Sq Ft. Average Price for 2000 Sq. Ft Home increased on $4000 per home during one month. The current price is on the level August 2003.

Next Moves from Housing.
Will housing up trend under the threat of higher inflation and United States deficit? Does the sharp downward revision to GDP point to invest in housing as America’s non confident in US dollar consumers keep pushing home prices higher?
The existing homes sales data shown on the chart covers single family homes, townhouses, condos and coops. Sales of single family homes, Townhouses, condos and coops are a growing portion of the market.
Up trend in Real estate market in August 2013 continues. But the market is still far from normal balanced conditions. The price will continues to up at list during next 6 month to the first resistance line at the level $200 per Sq Ft (level of August 2004).

  • 20 Cities composite $156.14
  • New York NY $168.00
  • Washington DC $198.04
  • Los Angeles CA $197.56
  • Miami FL $163.73
  • Las Vegas NV $114.09
  • San Francisco CA $168.39

    Home Prices Continue to Increase in August 2013 According to the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices
    The patterns are similar to those shown on the chart and to sales of new homes. There are ups and downs due to interest rates, inflation and the economy. For example, housing rebounded at the end of the 1973-5 recession and then plummeted in 1979-1982 as interest rates soared and the country suffered two back to back recessions in three years. Mortgage interest rates are almost always an important factor affecting home sales. However, other factors also drive both sales and construction including how difficult it is to qualify for a mortgage and how confident potential buyers are about the economy, jobs and inflation.

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  • Home Price Value USA composite

    USA Composite (September)
    Home Price Value Miami

    Miami (September)
    Home Price Value New York

    New York (September)

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  • Real Estate News

    Actual: 300 000 Previous: 446 000

    Actual: -32.7% Previous: 14.7%

    Actual: 383000 Previous: 526000

    Actual: -27.2% Previous: -7.1%

    Actual: 560 000 Previous: 580 000

    Actual: 540 000 Previous: 537 000

    Actual: -5.2% Previous:-2.8%

    Actual:1% Previous:-0.8%

    Actual:-2.1% Previous:-1.6%